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Birth: July 21, 1996 in Germany
Languages: Japanese, German, English, French
(Farther is German and mother is Japanese)
Height: 5'3'' (160cm)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

2014 Holy Disaster / Dir. Yusuke Ishida
2012 Hello I'm Tenko, Fifteen, Look At My Magic(Video Short) / Dir. Shimon Minamikawa
G.R.M / Dir. Mamoru Oshii
2013 Televi de Doitsugo German lerning on TV / NHK

2014 "Lipton@uTEA LOVE FRUITSv
2013 "PARCO Christmas Campaign" TV commercial
  Shu Uemura/Happy Color Roulette event movie

2014 SHIBUCALSAI(Shibuya Culture Festival)@Wall Painting
2013 Oepning Ceremony Omotesando opening party "BODY PAINTING SOLO PERFORMANCE"
agnies b. - b.forever - fashion show
2012 SHIBUCALSAI(Shibuya Culture Festival) "Live Painting with TFS crew to PARCO WALL"
Naotaro Moriyama uToaru Monogatarivtheatrical play/musical tour
2009 HARAJUKU PERFORMANCE +2009 @ Harajuku La Foret Museum
¡Short film
2014 Salvatore Ferragamo http://www.ferragamo.com/fiamma/en/usa/films/hanayo-tenko-nakajima
  GINZA / Numero Tokyo / ELLE girl / ELLE Japon/ NYLONVogue Girl / Vogue Nippon / Rudy Paper / Smart / soen
  LUMINE MAGAZINE / V magazine

  Core Jewels
  Atelier de Savon
  ROOKIE MAG http://www.rookiemag.com/2013/07/hot-fun-in-the-summertime/


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